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Re: EP Keys

Post by Fogtripper » Tue May 20, 2008 6:56 am

Maeght wrote:And thanks for the JM hint. Just because it's hasn't promoted a JM doesn't mean it can't.
Wot wot?
Are we talking about removal of a JM's naughty bits with said crowbar? I'll leave it to another JM to test that theory.

edit: Of course that would explain a lot.

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Re: EP Keys

Post by Yor » Tue May 20, 2008 8:18 am

darnok wrote:Lori,

It's not me not believing you, it's me wanting to keep people's privacy, I just didnt want to post unless the person gave me permission, which is why I didn't post your key info on here until you said it was cool. :)

So current keyholders:


I'll check with the person I gave my key to and see if he's actually been playing much. If he hasn't, I'll see if it's possible to get that key to somebody who actually is playing a lot right now (which isn't me).

On a side note, I have to admit this long-standing portal key controversy is amusing to me because most of the community didn't actually support the deal that gave us portal island in the first place. The Brions wanted six strange stones as part of the deal and a small percentage of the population (mystics plus a few other exiles, myself included) were left to retrieve these strange stones on their own because nobody else would help.

Ultimately I still don't think the Brions have given us everything they promised in the deal (although it's been so long I don't remember for sure) but portal island did turn out to be surprisingly useful so that alone made it worthwhile.

I'm not implying that people (that didn't help) don't deserve these keys. There was a time where I may have thought so but I don't anymore. It's just been amusing to me seeing people argue over something for a long time that hardly anybody cared about acquiring in the first place. :)

The bottom line now is the keys should be carried by people who are actually playing, particularly those who show the most interest in the EP and use it occasionally. Simply put, having the keys out and about make Clan Lord a better game and potentially make people more enthusiastic about playing it. Having the keys stuck in the library do not.

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Re: EP Keys

Post by Phineas » Wed May 21, 2008 9:51 am

You know I would have had to key to share with everyone in town, but someone -- SOMEONE -- interfered and stole the key away from me. Last that I heard it was passed to a certain scoundrel pirate captain who in turned traded it for cheap alcohol and cheaper women.


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