The mystery of the elusive Shadowcat

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The mystery of the elusive Shadowcat

Post by Tabatha » Fri Oct 28, 2011 10:14 pm

The magnificent Shadowcat Huntress has now appeared to us twice (to my knowledge) in the Southern Delta of the Estuary. The first time, several (ooc) months ago, we heard the padding of mysterious footsteps, and later came upon a small pack of Huntresses. I almost hated to harm the beautiful creatures, but they were fierce once struck and very difficult to take down. Despite their diminutive size, town rat catchers these are not.

Ever since that day I've dreamed of seeing them again, and hoped our explorations and the efforts of the Fen Building Commission might one day uncover their home.


On our way to check the builders' progress today, we encountered a lone Huntress! She was quite friendly and did not attack unless provoked. She seemed to be trying to show us something, but we were unable to spy any new paths or changes to the area. At one point, she stood on shore and gazed out at the distant water, meowing plaintively... could her home be out there somewhere? Might Shadowcat Island be more than a myth after all? Eventually we lost her, but I hope we haven't heard the last from her! I wish to learn all I can about these mysterious creatures, and eagerly await word from the Fen builders expedition. If you see one on your travels or have any further information, please let me know.


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Re: The mystery of the elusive Shadowcat

Post by noivad » Fri Oct 28, 2011 10:41 pm

Great story. Alert the media!
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Re: The mystery of the elusive Shadowcat

Post by Stinkfist » Sat Oct 29, 2011 5:10 pm

Arrr did anyone haves a fishin rod? Prehaps if ya feeds it you could gain its trust... The prospect a near by island be very interestins to me an there for tha crew.. keep us all posted of yer discoveries, I thinks ya may be onta something.

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Re: The mystery of the elusive Shadowcat

Post by Tabatha » Fri Nov 11, 2011 8:47 pm

My last Shadowcat sighting occurred about one (ooc) week ago. A lone Huntress identifying herself as Cry'cat seemed a bit... moody. Our attempts to comunicate resulted in this


followed by an unleashing of Reedcat (minions?) upon us. While we were busy fighting, Cry'cat skulked away.

Fish is a good idea, I shall try that next time! Though I'm not sure anything would have soothed this particular kitty.

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Re: The mystery of the elusive Shadowcat

Post by Tabatha » Thu Nov 17, 2011 10:30 pm

Update! Today we discovered a path the recent storm had cleared, leading to an island just off the Southern River Delta. There were some interesting things to be found, but no Shadowcats. However, we did have an intriguing conversation with Boggins, the boat renter. Below is a transcript.

Tabatha exclaims, "where are the shaowcats!"
* Maybe they don't like to get their feet wet.
Tabatha says, "maybe shadowcats don't like to get their feet wet"
Tabatha says, "shadowcat on dry land i guess"
Jeanne asks, "You got that message from the gods Tabatha?"
Tabatha says, "yes"
Jeanne says, "I think maybe they live in a cave in the hills."
Jeanne says, "In the new area Brigitte found."
11/17/11 10:55:18a Boggins yells, "Adventurers, be ye there?"
11/17/11 10:55:33a Boggins says, "So I've heard ye hunt the fabled Shadowcat."
11/17/11 10:55:43a Tabatha exclaims, "we do!"
11/17/11 10:55:44a Azel says, "Aye"
11/17/11 10:55:45a Boggins says, "You're naught to find the likes of that around here."
11/17/11 10:55:56a Boggins says, "They live high up in the hills."
11/17/11 10:56:02a Tabatha asks, "oh?"
11/17/11 10:56:02a Boggins says, "But you'll not be wanting to find them."
11/17/11 10:56:18a Tabatha asks, "why not?"
11/17/11 10:56:22a Boggins says, "Stalk you fleeter than a bird, and silenter than a mousey."
11/17/11 10:56:31a Azel says, "Questions sir"
11/17/11 10:56:39a Boggins says, "Hide in the dark places, teeth in your back."
11/17/11 10:56:46a Jeanne asks, "You're saying they're too strong for us?"
11/17/11 10:56:52a Megan asks, "Like Ninja hare in RF?"
11/17/11 10:56:58a Boggins says, "Ye be a fair-smelling lot of waistcoats."
11/17/11 10:57:00a Azel says, "Brig mentioned that he heard whispers in the newly discovered portion of the Estuary"
11/17/11 10:57:09a Azel asks, "Have you heard the whispers too?"
11/17/11 10:57:11a Boggins says, "That one, he be up to no good."
11/17/11 10:57:17a Azel asks, "Brig?"
11/17/11 10:57:18a Boggins says, "The brother's come asking the questions."
11/17/11 10:57:24a Boggins says, "The truth will out."
11/17/11 10:57:31a Megan ponders, "Isn't brig another word for jail? :P"
11/17/11 10:57:34a Azel ponders, "Does anyone else get what he is saying?"
11/17/11 10:57:50a Boggins says, "A dark past, shadows big enough for yon kitties ye seeks."
11/17/11 10:57:57a Azel asks, "Brig is not to be trusted then?"
11/17/11 10:58:07a Boggins says, "I'd not leave me staff in his care."
11/17/11 10:58:14a Azel says, "Hmmm"
11/17/11 10:58:15a Jeanne says, "Brig always did seem to be the type with a shady past."
11/17/11 10:58:24a Azel asks, "But you haven't heard the whispers he's mentioned?"
11/17/11 10:58:30a Boggins says, "Got a certain magnetism, I'll grant ye that."
11/17/11 10:58:32a Tabatha says, "i would like to try to communicate with the shadowcats, one we met seemed friendly and lost"
11/17/11 10:58:48a Boggins says, "I know the whispers. You'll be wanting the brother of the one what's gone missing"
11/17/11 10:59:01a Tabatha asks, "missing?"
11/17/11 10:59:01a Azel asks, "Who has gone missing?"
11/17/11 10:59:05a Boggins says, "Didn't see anything, meself. Just words overheard."
11/17/11 10:59:09a Azel ponders, "I'm not fast enough to follow the old man"
11/17/11 10:59:22a Boggins says, "Pretty little lass, as I heard it."
11/17/11 10:59:25a Azel asks, "Anyone remember who went missing?"
11/17/11 10:59:29a Boggins says, "About yea tall."
11/17/11 10:59:32a Tabatha asks, "marietta?"
11/17/11 10:59:33a Jeanne asks, "Brigid?"
11/17/11 10:59:34a Pe Ell says, "Brigid"
11/17/11 10:59:40a Boggins gestures to the height of his waist.
11/17/11 10:59:44a Tabatha says, "oh, brigid"
11/17/11 10:59:49a Boggins says, "Brigid, that was her name, I remember it now"
11/17/11 10:59:51a Azel says, "She's not missing per say"
11/17/11 10:59:59a Tabatha says, "we have... seen her"
11/17/11 11:00:02a Azel ponders, "I know exactly where she is"
11/17/11 11:00:07a Boggins asks, "Have ye, then? Was she pretty?"
11/17/11 11:00:08a Jeanne asks, "Was she the halfling that was by the first bridge?"
11/17/11 11:00:12a Boggins leers.
11/17/11 11:00:29a Tabatha says, "she may have been once"
11/17/11 11:00:30a Pe Ell says, "Pretty dead."
11/17/11 11:00:33a Boggins says, "She was a halfling. Least, her brother is."
11/17/11 11:00:41a Boggins' face falls.
11/17/11 11:00:47a Azel asks, "Have you met her brother?"
11/17/11 11:01:01a Boggins says, "Near about all of us have. He gets around. Quite a traveler."
11/17/11 11:01:10a Jeanne asks, "What is his name?"
11/17/11 11:01:18a Boggins asks, "What was it, again?"
11/17/11 11:01:27a Boggins strokes his salt-crusted beard.
11/17/11 11:01:32a Tabatha asks, "where can we find him?"
11/17/11 11:01:41a Boggins says, "Bridden, I think it was."
11/17/11 11:02:06a Boggins says, "He'll not be far. He's investigating what became of the lady."
11/17/11 11:02:20a Boggins says, "Somewhere in the damp areas along the coast."
11/17/11 11:02:24a Pe Ell ponders, "Someone, somewhere saw a bridge and said "I'm going to name all my children after that!""
11/17/11 11:02:24a Tabatha says, "he's not going to like the news"
11/17/11 11:02:42a Boggins says, "Break it to him soft-like, maybe."
11/17/11 11:02:54a Tabatha says, "aye"
11/17/11 11:02:58a Jeanne says, "Yes, good idea."
11/17/11 11:03:01a Boggins says, ""Your belly looks real round. Hoping you're well fed.""
11/17/11 11:03:03a Tabatha says, "we will be gentle"
11/17/11 11:03:07a Tabatha says, "poor fella"
11/17/11 11:03:08a Megan asks, "Who was that thoom that we healed earlier?"
11/17/11 11:03:08a Boggins says, ""By the way, sister's dead.""
11/17/11 11:03:19a (Pe Ell coughs.)
11/17/11 11:03:19a Boggins says, "Thoom? I wouldn't think so."
11/17/11 11:03:24a Jeanne says, "Mei-kalin"
11/17/11 11:03:35a Boggins says, "Ah, that chap's just a layabout."
11/17/11 11:03:45a Boggins says, "Always hoping he can get rich without doing any real work."
11/17/11 11:03:54a Tabatha says, "he mentioned something about shells"
11/17/11 11:03:54a Boggins says, "He's not good for much."
11/17/11 11:04:10a Boggins says, "Probably his latest scheme. I wouldn't take it too serious."
11/17/11 11:04:25a Boggins shakes his head as he considers Mei-kalin.
11/17/11 11:04:29a Jeanne says, "What about Ludwick? He did tell us of his suspicions about Brig."
11/17/11 11:04:43a Boggins says, "Can't say I'm well acquainted with that one."
11/17/11 11:04:59a Boggins says, "I'm just an old man. Can't be expecting me to know everything."
11/17/11 11:05:14a Boggins coughs and makes a show of looking feeble.
11/17/11 11:05:30a Tabatha asks, "do you know anything about the shadowcats we saw here?"
11/17/11 11:05:34a Jeanne says, "May you live to be a hundred."
11/17/11 11:05:45a Boggins laughs heartily.
11/17/11 11:05:58a Boggins says, "A hundred? I long for the days of my youth."
11/17/11 11:06:30a Boggins says, "Shadowcats down in the lowlands? One wonders..."
11/17/11 11:06:43a Boggins says, "Not a good portent, that."
11/17/11 11:06:53a Boggins says, "But mayhaps the hunting was just poor in the high places."
11/17/11 11:07:19a Boggins asks, "Have ye ever tried to befriend a cat?"
11/17/11 11:08:07a Tabatha says, "befriend? perhaps they would like some fish? or do they eat.. bigger prey"
11/17/11 11:08:09a Boggins gestures impatiently.
11/17/11 11:08:23a Jeanne says, "Something could be driving the shadowcats away from their home that is even more dangerous."
11/17/11 11:08:23a Boggins says, "I've seen them take down full-grown Starstags."
11/17/11 11:08:31a Megan asks, "Starstag?"
11/17/11 11:08:49a Tabatha asks, "starstag? do they live in the hills?"
11/17/11 11:08:52a Boggins says, "More dangerous than a Shadowcat? If that's so, I don't think I'll ever return to the mountains."
11/17/11 11:09:25a Boggins says, "Starstags, aye, they rarely venture down. The river valleys, maybe."
11/17/11 11:09:42a Megan asks, "How do we get up into the hills?"
11/17/11 11:09:45a Pe Ell ponders, "There's something besides swamps?"
11/17/11 11:09:46a Tabatha says, "never seen one yet"
11/17/11 11:09:55a Tabatha asks, "river valleys?"
11/17/11 11:10:01a Boggins asks, "Can't ye just walk? Or has something happened since I came to the shore?"
11/17/11 11:10:15a Lorikeet asks, "Seems they were trying to clear a slide?"
11/17/11 11:10:19a Megan says, "If we knew the directions to walk, aye. :)"
11/17/11 11:10:29a Lorikeet says, "And needed supplies."
11/17/11 11:10:37a Lorikeet ponders, "I did donate a stone."
11/17/11 11:10:38a Boggins says, "Mostly north, from hereabouts. But mayhap there was a slide. Such things aren't unknown."
11/17/11 11:10:39a Jeanne says, "Yes, into deeper into the estuary. We've mainly been on the outskirts."
11/17/11 11:11:02a Tabatha says, "seems it's not passable right now"
11/17/11 11:11:17a Megan ponders, "need holy hand grenade!"
11/17/11 11:11:17a Boggins says, "Nothing's as good as it used to be."
11/17/11 11:11:37a Tabatha asks, "how did it used to be?"
11/17/11 11:11:39a Boggins grumbles in a curmudgeonly fashion.
11/17/11 11:11:46a Oh, lass, ye'd hardly believe it.
11/17/11 11:12:01a Boggins says, "The hills were as high as the sky, and as green as life itself."
11/17/11 11:12:09a Tabatha ponders, "that good eh?"
11/17/11 11:12:18a Boggins says, "We were all together then, not scattered hither and yon like tuft seeds."
11/17/11 11:12:32a Tabatha asks, "what happened?"
11/17/11 11:12:35a Boggins says, "The libraries were together, not smashed, strewn and ruined."
11/17/11 11:12:50a Boggins shudders.
11/17/11 11:12:54a Pe Ell asks, "You had libraries?"
11/17/11 11:12:57a Tabatha asks, "there are libraries here?"
11/17/11 11:13:01a Megan says, "We have a pretty nice library, if you ever wanna use it."
11/17/11 11:13:01a Tabatha says, "or.. were"
11/17/11 11:13:03a Jeanne says, "Libraries? The pirates are looking for books."
11/17/11 11:13:09a Boggins says, "The Orga smashed our altar. The Arachnoids..."
11/17/11 11:13:14a Boggins says, "Ancients preserve us."
11/17/11 11:13:34a Azel asks, "Have you ever seen orga here? In the wetlands?"
11/17/11 11:13:38a Boggins says, "Beautiful libraries we had. Trillbane and Gaeyl and the others..."
11/17/11 11:13:47a Pe Ell exclaims, "!"
11/17/11 11:13:48a Boggins says, "Nay, we came here to be as far as we could."
11/17/11 11:13:49a Jeanne says, "The people in the huts talked about the ogre and altar. Maybe we could get it back."
11/17/11 11:14:04a Megan says, "I'm always down for smashing orga skull."
11/17/11 11:14:12a Megan says, "There were at least 10 bolters in OC1 this morning."
11/17/11 11:14:13a Boggins says, "It's all dust and shimmering shards now. Naught to recover."
11/17/11 11:14:31a Boggins weeps.
11/17/11 11:14:31a Azel asks, "Do you know where the altars orginally came from?"
11/17/11 11:14:42a Boggins asks, "Leave an old man in peace, would you?"
11/17/11 11:14:45a Tabatha asks, "perhaps it could be rebuilt?"
11/17/11 11:15:21a Boggins asks, "I can't... talk about this any more right now. Do you want a boat?"
11/17/11 11:15:33a Jeanne says, "Just because the past is better than it is now, doesn't mean the future can't be better than it is now."
11/17/11 11:15:49a Jeanne says, "Never give up hope."
11/17/11 11:15:55a Tabatha says, "thank you for your time boggins, if we can help make life better here, we shall try"
11/17/11 11:15:55a Boggins smears a kerchief across his face.
11/17/11 11:16:18a Boggins gestures weakly.
11/17/11 11:16:29a Boggins says, "'tis good to have company. Some memories are just very painful."
11/17/11 11:16:52a (Jeanne nods with understanding)
11/17/11 11:16:55a Boggins says, "Thank ye for the time."
11/17/11 11:17:01a Frenzymac says, "Thank you Boggins"
11/17/11 11:17:12a Tabatha says, "thank you for the information"
11/17/11 11:17:28a Tabatha exclaims, "things will get better!"
11/17/11 11:17:37a Mujin-kun says, "DR next, break in metz cove"
11/17/11 11:18:24a Megan thinks to your clan, "boggins said he admires a lass who is all business (muj) lol"
(Last bit left in for humor purposes ;))

Needless to say, I am more intrigued than ever! I can't wait to see what lies on Shadowcat Ridge (as I've come to call it) and hopefully find some answers to this mystery. Please donate to the builders and help clear the way into the hills! I am buying building materials as well. :)


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