Important Documents

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Important Documents

Post by Leinis » Sun Aug 28, 2016 6:20 pm

Does anyone remember what to do with Important Documents? I think they are a Darshak esteem item that is found in the rebel base. If you think you've dealt with them before and have still have your text logs from that time, could you give them a look? I would appreciate it very much.
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Re: Important Documents

Post by Chmee » Thu Sep 01, 2016 6:36 pm

I got seven hits on "important documents" in my logs. Five were Koppi announcing that Daimoth was buying them, one was from Jeanne sunstoning that she had one "if anyone wants to be a darshak", and the last was irrelevant to this thread.

Bottom line, I guess, is "talk to Daimoth". :-)
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Re: Important Documents

Post by Icy » Thu Sep 01, 2016 7:22 pm

Don't these go to the guy west and a few north of the ash island pf entrance to shakland?
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Re: Important Documents

Post by Lorikeet » Fri Sep 02, 2016 5:15 pm

I'm sorry I don't remember, but I checked my logs. It seems it is north of the turn in for scrap metal I think, judging from what I found. The other places that were mentioned were basically the same as these.

7/8/09 12:06:51a Kalian picks up an instructions.
7/8/09 12:07:00a Kalian asks, "instructions?"
7/8/09 12:07:05a Gurgi says, "they are worth esteem"
7/8/09 12:07:09a Cecil says, "rebel esteem"
7/8/09 12:07:12a Daimoth says, "Instructions is good esteem"
7/8/09 12:07:14a Cecil says, "neg esteem for shaks"
7/8/09 12:07:16a Lorikeet says, "oh"
7/8/09 12:07:18a Daimoth says, "But it's annoying to find Pinchfingers"
7/8/09 12:07:22a Lorikeet asks, "mixed up with directions?"
7/8/09 12:07:26a Lorikeet says, "or whatever that one is"
7/8/09 12:07:28a Daimoth says, "You're thinking tower summons"
7/8/09 12:07:50a Lorikeet asks, "which one is north of the metal?"
7/8/09 12:07:57a Desdemona says, "Important documents."
7/8/09 12:08:03a Lorikeet says, "that's the good one"
7/8/09 12:08:10a Kalian asks, "how do I use tower summons?"
7/8/09 12:08:11a Lorikeet says, "instructions you have to find the guy who falls"

7/16/09 9:33:31p Desdemona says, "Important documents are north of scrap"

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