Looking for Info: Colmert and Teleportation

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Looking for Info: Colmert and Teleportation

Post by Whirl wind » Fri Dec 11, 2015 8:34 pm

Im looking into possible alternative teleportation to the Mirror portals and teleportation stones that we currently have access to and am collecting information and research on all types of teleportation available to attempt to create new portals or recreate other means of long range multi exile teleportation.

If anyone has any information on teleportation regarding the stones, the Mirror portals, Colmert circles and any of the magic or illusions he's used in relation to those circles, Mirror, or any other teleportation please let me know.
Im also looking for history about Colmert as I wasn't around during Gungla's exploration.

Some basic question I'm looking to answer are:

How the teleportation stones work in general,
(Mystics you can speak to me in private or send me enchanted mail any and all info is appreciated!)
how do you use them,
what kind of energy is used,
any related magic (orga for instance)
What range is there and is that effected by anything?

Mirror Portals ( Know a good deal about this, looking for confirmation or new info)
limitations (can we not move them to specific points. Also example would be we cant teleport them.)

I know nothing about Colmert so any info is appreciated
His history,
Information about his circles ( locations, activation, how its made hopefully)

Any and all information and even theories are appreciated,
I am available to in town chats, post on the Sentinel, enchanted mail and the post office in town.
Thank you for your help

enchanted mail: whirlwindcl@yahoo.com
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