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Post by Shakyamuni » Sun Jul 25, 2004 2:20 pm

ha halfling ones of course.. there is the steve one, and the seb one..

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Post by Tigger » Sun Jul 25, 2004 2:29 pm

Shakyamuni wrote:ha halfling ones of course.. there is the steve one, and the seb one..
For male halflings, use the "Delta Tao 28x28" preset, for females use the "Delta Tao 25x25" preset. Look at the red text on the mapping panel, under the preset popup button. That'll give you a clue as to which preset to use (only works on Delta Tao format images). The general preset usage is:

Delta Tao 25x25: Female Halflings

Delta Tao 28x28: Male Halflings

Delta Tao 32x32: Fen'Nekos, Thooms, Sylvans, Humans, Dwarves

Delta Tao 34x34: Ghorak Zos

Marfisa Armed: Left-hand side of Marfisa working format (usually armed set)

Marfisa Unarmed: Right-hand side of Marfisa working format (usually unarmed set)

For the next NekoTester version, I'm working on auto-detecting the proper format based on a code inserted into the file name. For example, including "DT32" in the file name would automatically open that file with the DT 32x32 preset (unless you've previously opened the file and changed the preset). Hopefully this will help eliminate confusion for people downloading icon sets to view.
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Post by Konoko » Thu Aug 12, 2004 10:19 pm

That's a slick little utility. It took me a minute to get that preset stuff figured out but I managed.

And I like that new icon. Nice job - all you artist types have great talent! It's a little more of a wild male fen rather than all those tame ones around town :)

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Post by Joedelta » Fri Aug 11, 2006 12:47 pm

The frame rate is largely based on the network latency, the amount of time it takes an internet packet to arrive at its destination.

This is usually about 100 ms, +/- 50 ms.

At 4 fps, the vast majority of the time, there is precisely one frame of lag between when you say to do an action and when you see it happen. This feels pretty good.

At 6 fps, there are pretty much always two frames between when you act and when you see the action. (Lag!) Your potential reaction time is worse -- a third of a second instead of a quarter.

5 usually works pretty well. (You guys did notice we boosted the frame rate many months ago, right?)

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Post by InuTeisei » Fri Apr 06, 2007 6:39 am

Joedelta wrote:--snip--
5 usually works pretty well. (You guys did notice we boosted the frame rate many months ago, right?)
So CL now runs at 5 FPS all the time? That may explain why some of my macros are fritzing out and why some things run too fast based on my assumed 4 FPS rate.

Is the 5 FPS still true? If so, is it scaled back to 4 FPS, and if so when usually would that occur?
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Post by Kani » Fri Apr 06, 2007 8:10 am

Someone who knows better please correct me here, but I believe that CL runs at something like 4.66 FPS most of the time, slower during prime time, and a bit faster during off hours (late night/early morning Pacific time).
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Post by noivad » Sat Apr 07, 2007 2:36 pm

If this is true I'd like some mechanism for the client to alert you what frame rate is running at. That way I could capture the frame rate and make that my frameRate seed in my macros. thanks.
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