Trading ranks for lasties

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Trading ranks for lasties

Post by Icy » Tue Feb 21, 2017 6:41 am

Hello! I've gone through and pulled all of Nippy's logs from 1/25 11:18pm->2/18 5:30pm EST and zipped them up and attached them here They are unedited so you'll probably see some NSFW language or statements that may hurt your feels. I've determined that I lost some of the following lasty:

Search "You killed a Haremau." (2 hits in 2 files)
Search "You helped kill a Haremau." (5 hits in 3 files)
Search "You helped vanquish a Haremau." (51 hits in 4 files)
Search "You vanquished a Haremau." (151 hits in 14 files)

There's a good chance that I managed to somehow miss upwards of 15 of these from people helping me killing them by accident or my own stupidity controlling a befriend.

I was wondering if I could trade some or all of the ranks for lasty credit as this took a long time, was dreadfully frustrating attempting to solo the vast majority of the time that someone strong was unable or unwilling to assist, and has proven difficult to restart from a motivational prospective. The difficulty with this study is not killing them but finding people willing to help, struggling against other characters also studying, or finding the appropriate number in the one snell that I can manage alone.

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