Need People with Kitten/Sky Bison Morphs

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Need People with Kitten/Sky Bison Morphs

Post by Mac » Tue Mar 24, 2015 3:46 am

I'm testing the Troilus multiplier for morphs. I've picked these two because they are known to have higher Troilus and there are many people with one or with both of them.

If you want to help you need to have one of these morphs, have over 100 Troilus, and preferably know your trained Troilus precisely (if you don't know precisely that's fine we can estimate, but precise is better). Catch one of my bodies in game (Wink, Mac, Salandra) and we'll meet up and do a quick test (usually a minute or two).

For Kit I need anyone who wants to help out.

Results have been posted to the Ranger forum. The short version is that the more Troilus you train the lower the multiplier you get from morph (and there don't appear to be any other factors). See that thread for the full details and discussion.

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