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Record ON/OFF FKey Macro

Post by noivad » Fri Jun 19, 2015 9:43 am

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set record 0
set framepause 120
f7 //set this to whatever fkey you'd like
	if record == 0
	setglobal record 1
	setglobal record 0
	"/record FALSE\r"
	end if
	LABEL IsRecordingOn
	if record == 1
		message "***Recording on***"
		pause framepause
		GOTO IsRecordingOn
	end if


Reason: Ever have a tough fight and you wanted to record it, but couldn't but couldn't type /record WHILE in combat? or forget to turn it off? Welp your one button on off record macro is here… improvements could be a reminder ever X seconds too. Or maybe if you kill or vanq more than 3 things in 6 seconds, etc. dunno, feel free to improve & enjoy.
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