The Possession of Captain Scabfoot

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The Possession of Captain Scabfoot

Post by noivad » Sun Oct 08, 2006 4:46 pm

A darshak invasion was repulsed. and a Captain Scabfoiot was thrown in jail. It appears that the latest guest of Puddleby Police's Bed and Breakfast was possessed by some sort of darshak mind control.

The Report:
I was doing my usual round in town and hear a distress SS from the northern plains. I went to discover a swarm of darshak that surrounded me and took their sweet time trying to kill me. I managed to kill or seriously wound about at least 50 darshak of various ranks. However and pyromancer was continually hitting me with pyroblasts which wore me down. Because of this I eventually fell to a luck shot made by a Darshak Harrier.

A rescue party had formed and we cleared the plains of every last darshak we could find. Then we heard a call for help from the undine hut.
It tunred out that at leatst 5 exiels and one "Captain Scabfoot" had fallen inside Alchemist's folly.

After gathering what information I could. I led a group of people into AF. After much chaos, almost everyone managed to make it out, along with the captain.

After Exiles rescued him for Alchemist's Folly. The captain, upon being raised transformed into an undine and attacked them. It took quite a few exiles to put the captain down. However, the captain's spirit was trapped in his body, much like ours is when we "fall." And due to some unidne's regenerative powers, he got up and started killing poeple again.

Once again he was subdued, and this time sev eral exiles sat on his chest until I could find my handcuffs and take him to a cell. I had suspected he was under some sort of mind control when at one minute he would be very kind, and the next he would be in a homocidal rage. Since split personalities are very rare, I decided for our safety and his to lock him up.

I then asked Melben to come to the cell to lead the interrogation of the captain to determine if indeed he was under the possession of a powerful Darshak Necromancer, Necro, who had been seen in the cave where the body of Captain Scabfoot was found.

Melben, who I've given a special investigator's license, questioned the captain at length. I was distracted by a Mr. Ratchet who wanted to be thrown in jail (he eventuall ended up there) so I didn't hear much of the information the "prisoner" gave out.

I've determined however, that we must either find a way to purify the captain, or destroy the force possessing him. And if the possession is permanent, I'm looking for a place to place the captain where he can be as free as possible without hurting others.

Special Comment:
He is clearly a victim, as he revealed he was abducted, and does not belong in a jail cell -- aside form that the budget is strained enough as it is -- he belong's back with his crew on his ship. I've talked to Melben about publishing the information she's gathered in ThoomCare, So, I could make it more widely available to the public, so if the captain does get out of jail, he will not be the victim of revenge by a citizen that blames his acts committed while possessed on him.
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