QoL changes, especially for healers, and mystics

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QoL changes, especially for healers, and mystics

Post by Talin » Mon Jul 25, 2016 9:12 am

There are a couple small issues with healers, that trigger a serious "meh" mood with me, that I think would not be game breaking to change. I assume the GMs have and had good intentions, but that is how it comes across. Maybe other people have other small issues, they want to contribute.

One of my oldest pet peeves is that departs seem to cost the healer exactly the same experience, as a fighter. Seeing that it takes us a LOT longer to regain the experience, the net cost is considerably higher. I do not know how the imbalance hits mystics, may also be a topic with them. I think it should be either addressed that we can regain the exp faster, or that it costs us less.

Purg has 2 issues:
Duration in purg for a non-gk bombed char is too long IMO. That goes for all classes. To use the purgatory pendant one has to invest 50 ranks. That is a huge investment, and frankly, I am really sorry that I got those ranks on any of my chars when I was young, and naive. It is the only ranks I got with few or no thought, so I guess it is a more or less fair punishment for that :lol: Still, I think time in purg should be reduced in general.
2nd issue is the undine. There have been several instances in the recent past that there were huge amounts, which makes departing a seriously annoying thing. I have brought that up before, and some healers mentioned how fun they find the undine there. Is that still the case? It is of course most annoying for younger healers, and mystics, that do not have the histia/self-heal right after departing. I am aware that departing again in purg does not cost exp. It is more an annoyance, and can be quite a time-constraint. It seems to me that the number of undine could be reduced. I have seen up to 14 in purg not too long ago.

Picking up logs of wood:
Wood used to be picked up like any other item, by running over it. Someday that got changed, to needing chopping. That made it pretty much only pick-able with fighter protection, except in the snells closest to town. I am aware that wood can be used to generate experience, or to feed builders. Builders currently are not around, and frankly, why the fighters should have that advantage to collect for them, I do not see. I guess it was introduced because of the experience, though. Honestly speaking, if a healer wants to generate experience by running around KI collecting wood, I think they should be left doing so. It is absolutely minimal, and in no relation to gaining exp via hunts. It is already the case that most items that drop from critters, like ore, ethercles, etc. are usually picked up by fighters. My own fighter can totally miss the pickup (I play without sound), I guess that is the case for other people, as well. In those instances the non-fighter participants already miss out on those items.

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Re: QoL changes, especially for healers, and mystics

Post by Destian » Mon Jul 25, 2016 10:10 am

I always have Solomon clean up any undine in purg when I'm there, but I can see how it would be seriously annoying for any healer without a pet who's just trying to get out of there...

And yes, it seems to take for damn ever to get out. I'm considering having alts GK bomb Destian just to get me the hell out of purg faster... :\
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Re: QoL changes, especially for healers, and mystics

Post by Krane » Tue Jul 26, 2016 12:35 am

I agree, departing for a healer can ruin an entire good hunt which is not the case for the fighter. (I guess Mystic depart are as painful as for healer)

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