Different sound for Group vs. Direct SSes & toggle delay opt

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Different sound for Group vs. Direct SSes & toggle delay opt

Post by noivad » Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:08 pm

While fallen and teleported away from my group, I spent hte next 1.5 hours listening to group chatter and also direct SSes. This led me to do other things while I was fallen during the chatter, which meant missing ones directed to me because after a ton of the same sound with most not directed at me, I filtered a lot of the sounds out. Also, having more than one person ask for a toggle, and having a toggle lag imposes meant I could toggle the both people before the next Q (with different toggle answer) came in.

2 ideas to fix SS sound issue:
(1) direct SSes make a different sound than group SSes
(1b) SSes with your name (open world or group) in them make a slightly different pitched sound

1 idea for toggle delay:
(3) allow people turn off the toggle delay per exile to facilitate faster coms.
So if I was fallen and Taryn was asking me a lot of Qs quickly, she could issue a command such as
"/toggle /delay 0 noivad”
or “/cooldown noivad 0”
So, I could toggle her quickly. The delay was implemented to avoid toggle spam which some exiles would use to harass others with. However, with the bathwater, went the baby of being able to quickly signal commrades. This allows players to self-police how people can interact.

EXTENDING that solution, one could tie this to a defaults such as:
“/share with X also toggle delay to 0”
or “upon fallen anyone sharing me has their delay go to 0 upon my direct SS”
Some (especially the more advanced logic), could take more line of code to implement (not to mention possible spaghetti getting in the way.

However Suggestion 1 is implementable easily with an audio editor (simply pitch shift the SSes):

(this next part is just getting my brainstorming out in the open)
I would go with slightly higher Fq for direct SSes (like a doppler effect of directed SSes coming at the person).While being mentioned I would add a slight echo effect…

I think I have a sample of the SS somewhere. Let me see if I can do this quickly…

Made a few SS sound modifications here:

I suggest what they could be used for in the file name. I didn't go too crazy with changing the fundamental sounds, just pitch mainly.
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