Spirit and Balance practice

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Spirit and Balance practice

Post by Gandor Durin » Tue Aug 11, 2015 1:35 pm

Some new tools to play around with while sitting around in TC or during hunt downtime might be fun!

Unlinked Moonstone: This is a left-handed item that when used can summon a lifeless, soulless being that looks like a transparent version of its owner. It is incorporeal so it will not directly interact with any exiles except the owner is able to heal them as if they were a real exile. The goal of this exercise is for a Healer to practice their healing lessons and while doing so they have a small chance to gain a little bit of exp. The apparition moves around very slightly and occasionally dissipates all on its own, requiring another calling and thus re-targeting by the Healer. In order for the Healer to use a long-distance healing tool on it, they must match the color or symbol of the apparition to that of the unlinked Moonstone. Whenever the Healer gains enough exp for a full rank, the Unlinked Moonstone crumbles to dust and a new one must be purchased from an NPC in the Healer temple. When bought, it will have a random symbol on it corresponding to one of the zodiacs which as stated above must be matched to the apparition before it can be healed. (Yes it's advanced anti-botting measures!) When it comes to experience gain, it should still be better to actually be hunting, of course! It's just something to do while waiting for a hunt or during a hunt's downtime to make it less likely that you'll feel like you're 'losing' exp by not being in the library.

Hammer and Chisel: A right-handed item for Fighters that changes their balance to be exactly 5 swings and regenerate in about 7.5 seconds. Their atkus drops to 1 and the only thing they can reliably hit would be the piece of granite that this item summons when /used. Like the Healer apparitions above, these granite slabs would not interact with any exiles besides the owner, allowing them to freely drop and chisel them as they please without creating an artificial roadblock for others. After a random number of strikes, somewhere over 100 but below 500, the granite would become a fully carved statue of the Fighter and then the Fighter must pay some amount of coins when /using their Hammer and Chisel to create another granite slab.

Yay, silly little activities to occupy people who are waiting for stuff to happen with minor yet tangible benefits!

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