Zu Bags; Not Just Kudzu; Bulb Baskets Too

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Zu Bags; Not Just Kudzu; Bulb Baskets Too

Post by Starsword » Sat Mar 28, 2015 10:06 am

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Spring is here.

Bulbs are formed by some plants while shoots are cut for others. As you know cuts of zu are placed into bags which hold ten. Unfortunately the bags only hold kudzu.

Mechanically speaking, the fishing coolers can hold multiple types of fish and are themselves containers. I have bugged this a couple of times over the years but why not allow "kudzu" bags to hold multiple types of plants? Is there extra data attached to nightli, earth-zu, moon-zu, kudzu, or the ultra-rare ku that would be deleted by adding these items to a catch-all gardener's bag? If not, why not let exiles farm and bag sacks of nightli-bulbs and sun-zu sprigs?

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