Introducing the new CLUMP

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Introducing the new CLUMP

Post by noivad » Sun Mar 11, 2012 6:02 am

Instead of adding a digit, I decided to take after Apple and just make it harder to distinguish which version of the CLUMP you are reading. The new CLUMP is .83mm thicker (after I put playing cards in the server's spokes) and gets a surprisingly good infinite hours on a plugged in laptop with a reliable utility system and internet connection. The last move (from to was to clear out the spammer accounts, this one is purely cosmetic. All the same subpar content is there for people to mock and newbies to learn so they have to be untaught and re-edumacated [sic].
In fact it's the exact same database driven media wiki with a more upscale domain — 'cause we all know "noivad" loosely translated from a fictitious language means "ghetto" or "somersault" depending on the context.

So, if you have a link to the clump you might want to update it. Old links to the CLUMP and CLUMP2 will still work and automatically take you to until I decide to pare down my redirects in a few years so I count how many sites I actually host without scrolling.

Also, the offer about still stands: players in good standing my request a<insert name here> site as long as it is CL related (and legal). I would probably simply make a redirected subnet so your web folder would be independent of other web folders. I could even hand out email addresses with a vanity URL name if you (a) would like to separate CL from the rest of your email, and have a way for players to contact you. The additional server space and data transfer costs me nothing. Eventually, I will get an SSL cert for since they are pretty inexpensive. The plan is to move/build other CL sites when I have the time which will be "soon" ;).

PS: If I host a public or private CL site for you and you suddenly see the secret URL move to it probably wasn't a hacker. I'll contact the few people that I actually host for with details in case they miss it here once I get that next part setup.
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