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Moderation in Puddleby

Post by Guinness » Tue Nov 16, 2010 10:01 pm

Due to a recent rise of problems in Puddleby, I felt that it be my duty as a Jr. Deputy to step up and help my fellow exiles solve their problems with each other.

I am now formally available to hear your cases with each other.

Important: some guidelines I want you to follow before bringing your case to me.

1) Keep text logs / visionstones of the issue you are having. In case your problem goes to court, any evidence you have may greatly assist you.

2) Try to sort out the problem between you and the offender first, privately. Once again, record the conversations you have. If you can sort out the problem yourself that is great.

3) If they will not reason with you, go and try and sort this out with two other witnesses. If you can come to an understanding together that is great. Have everyone keep records of the conversations.

4) If you still cannot reason with them, then present your case to me. At this point you have done all you can and I will help you sort out the rest.

Please understand I want to help you, but I ask you to do these things to help keep frivolous cases off my plate.
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