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Application for Deputy

Post by Guinness » Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:47 pm

I, Guinness, hereby apply for the position of Deputy.

I am already a member in good standings with the Puddleby Navy, as well I have served many years with the Pirates of Lok'Groton. You can ask any exile about the quality of my character.

I do enjoy a drink here and there, and I especially like sharing a cask of stout with whoever is around if the occasion is fitting. It may be unrelated, but I am also a bard quester.

I often hunt the South Forest, and North West Forest.. day or night. Usually I have no troubles, but if I fall I offer to pay for whoever comes out there to chain me.

I also reciprocate these actions, as I look out for the other exiles who are weaker than I am. When I have enough coins, I plan to buy a chain of my own so I can fully return the favour.

As for my fighting abilities, here is the list of my trainer messages: I expect to get much stronger once I qualify as a ranger. I am currently 3rd circle.

As for why I want to join, I would like to protect the fellow exiles I have come to care for. I also would like to protect the exiles that do not care for me. It is also my heart that as exiles we would be one, tho that may be a tough path because of our differences.. I would like the power to mediate in problems and make sure things are set right.

I cannot think of anything else that needs to be said, but you may ask me any question you would like.


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