Bestiary: Ash Barrens Information. MAKE MONEY FAST

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Bestiary: Ash Barrens Information. MAKE MONEY FAST

Post by Org du Lac » Sat Apr 25, 2009 3:38 pm

Hi all,

1. I'm updating the bestiary once again. The Darshak, canines, and undine of the outer Ash Barrens and Forest have mostly been added, but my information has only rough estimates at this time. I would appreciate any information that any of you have on what is found in the mausoleum, graveyeard, or Ash City.

2. Additionally, the creatures of the mountain glen have not yet been added, except for the myrm hive (minus the queen). Any information on these areas would be appreciated.

3. I have funding to support the bestiary at this time. For a video, I will pay 125c per creature contained within that I do not have labeled in my bestiary.

4. I will pay 75c for a live image of any creature I do not already have one of ( see ... tches.php), or 75c per image if you send it to me in a video (e.g. a video with scarmis could earn 300c with larva, forager, attendant, and queens).

-Org du Lac

PS: You can contact me here, ICQ at 16639713, at my PO box, or email at (in order of preferred contact / how quick my reply time will be)

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