Introducing the "InGame Timer" (Crosspost)

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Introducing the "InGame Timer" (Crosspost)

Post by Talas » Thu Feb 17, 2011 12:26 am

as wished here the crosspost. Thanks for all the feedback so far :)

May I introduce the InGame Timer for ClanLord:

You can find it here:

What is it:
In the first place I wanted to create something that makes it easier to arrange hunts at least with broadcasting the times.
But then I switched into a ooc/ic time translator and combined it more or less...

Basically you can call the page now to see the current daytime, you can see in which status the moon is, when the next zodiac will rise and of course you will see the sunrise/sunset times. Also in a graphical way so that you might recognize better now how long a night/day hunt could take.

I guess thats pretty self-explaining...
Now comes the cookie-part...

You'll be able to save a cookie with your local time (The Server is on German time which is GMT+1).
So you can set the local time to Miami or whatever. This might seem senseless so far but will become a sense now.
Once you have set a cookie you'll be able to "generate" a link. Basically that only adds a (Unix) timestamp to the link which corresponds to that time you entered.
When someone else clicks on the link he can set the cookie to his/her local time and see at which time the hunt will start.
Additionally you will see if it will be day or night at that time and also how long that status will last from that time on (ooc time!)
For example this link: shows that the next (Torins) Sunday Open hunt will be a daytime hunt. Also everyone who set the cookie should see the start at their local time (if I didn't make a mistake in not knowing the starting time ^^)

Don't mind to try: Nothing will be saved on my server. The only saved information is stored on your local computer in one cookie... So even if you're using it for a private hunt you can use this tool.

Any Questions, Comments or Suggestions etc very welcome but don't blame me for bugs - I'll try to fix them as i am aware of them ;)
I am not yet sure what will happen when time will turn into DST. I guess the times could get shifted by an hour but this only affects the functionality of the local times of the links which have a timestamp.
Any local DST's have to be adjusted by reseting the cookie and creating a new one as I have no idea how to handle all the different time zones...

Feel free to add links to that page wherever you want or need them.

I guess thats all for now.
Thanks to Lorikeet and Kiriel D'Sol for helping me with that project.

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Re: Introducing the "InGame Timer" (Crosspost)

Post by Gloria » Tue Feb 22, 2011 12:00 am

This looks like a valuable resource. Thank you for working on the project.
Aye'cha wrote:I'm not pulling a Gloria here

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