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Hymn To Gaia

Post by HWC Sareth » Wed Aug 18, 2004 5:31 pm

When young the world did Gaia stride

Creating flower, tree and grass.

With newborn fawn along her side

Through forest, field, and fen sheÃd pass.

The dulcet dove she clothed in white.

The raven's black she did create.

The owl she did give unto night,

And peacock's tail did illuminate.

And ever did she make them twain

Make male and female thus to mate

But ever sought she, Oh! In vain,

For one to whom she'd tie her fate.

But lonely always were her days

And empty did she find her night

For who could match her in her ways

Who could give goddess delight?

But then one day she chanced upon

A fiery crop of wild hair

A radiant smile like breaking dawn

And countenance she deemed most fair.

And so she fell in love at last

Ilurian Tei Astril'sar!

Oh light which shined in days long past!

Who's warmth brings flowers from afar.

Shy she came into his view

And scarce could speak or say his name

He saw her skin in it's pale hue

And in his heart there burst a flame

He took her there upon the grass

And consummated loves embrace

Not knowing that once time would pass

That she'd give birth to Sylvan race.

And when their passion came to end

The two slept then upon the loam

But when she woke her heart did rend

For he had gone back to his home.

So she in sorrow looked above

And saw him high amongst the cloud

And leapt she up to chase her love

Crying out his name aloud

Ilurian Tei Astril'sar!

Oh wait for me don't turn away!

She chased after the Daylight Star

And chases him unto this day.

So when you gaze into the sky

And moon you see growing thick with child

Know Gaia still is there on high

Soon to birth more sylvans wild.

And when you see the fiery sun

Remember him who left her there

Remember you, oh wild son

The heritage, we sylvans share.
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