Groar's story

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Groar's story

Post by Talin » Thu May 18, 2006 3:27 pm

"Rowl the violent first born and bitter"
"Groar the peaceful last of the litter"
"Rowl in anger ate all of the kits"
"Groar fled away by using his wits"
"Rowl hungers and searches the last to devour"
"Groar unearthed the source of their power"
"Rowl takes the strength of all of his kin"
"Groar only sleeping may save his skin"
"Rowl ignorant with the stone"
"he could rule groar"
"the wise guards the powerful jewel."

In short: Rowl Super Lyfe killed everyone, spawned fun errr, i mean terrible spawns of high lyfes. Lyfes magically could infect you by one hit (and not by falling only, as it used to be) Of course, necklaces were destroyed by the dozens (begin of current necky shortage). (when you get diseased and put the necky on, it crumbles - same happened when you got lyfed wearing one)

Groar left his cave, where he slept in front of the statue, hiding from Rowl.

Somehow the gem of the statue in what was formerly known as Groar's Cave came into the hands of exiles. Fat Alice offers much (as usually rather nebolous what exactly though) if we deliver the gem to her. We kinda sorta deny. In a huge hunt to the place (huge in like all of town was there, and then some) a certain heroic fen named Lister brings the gem close to the statue and *plop*, the gem hops out of his hands and into the position it formerly had in the statue.

As the poem says, Rowl wanted the gem, but nya ;)

After Rowl's downfall (or maybe a bit before that) Groar hid in the boatmaker's hut in north KI. Shortly after, he began to wander the island. Fat Alice once told us, that he is looking for his sweetheart Kizmia, but can't find the way to her.

Kizmia, his sweetie, we kinda met in her hut once. Unfortunately she had to go soon it seems. We just heared, that some old paths have reopened.

Since the Rowl "affair" the island is quite unstable, many many earthquakes happen now and again. They endanger all hunting groups there, but they also open up new paths, like the pool passes.

Actually, but maybe that is another story, a delegate from Umbrion once visited town, saying we "do something bad" to the island. That was when the portal was on KI, so we assumed he ment overhunting. The portal was moved away, and the island got some immunity against it. But the earthquakes remain.

Quite a while after all that Fat Alice once wanted to talk to us. Unfortunately, even finding out where exactly she was, and to get the whole group there took too much time, and I guess she had to leave again.

*sigh* if we only could talk to Fat Alice again on the matter.

I sure forgot many things, and it is late. I have to go study. Anyone remembering other bits and pieces is kindly invited to share them plz :)

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Post by Garr » Thu May 18, 2006 5:48 pm

Fat Alice wants the gem, and asked us to get it for her. But we needed to pay a huge amount of coins in order for her to tell us how to get it out of the statue, so that never happened.

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Post by NB » Mon May 29, 2006 1:02 am

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