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Semi-Epic Poem

Post by Odesseus » Mon Apr 25, 2005 8:41 am

about the beginning of the Great War Against the People on Shan Deral:

Growing up in the hills as a young kit-fen,
I spied my very first of human-men
On extended foray, a passage of days
Still a young one, out learning our ways.
My mother was guiding me in hunting game,
When we spotted some men, doing some of the same.
"O, mama look!" I nearly did shout,
"Those People are sick! Their furs all fall'd out!"
"O, silly boy," she smiled at me,
"Those beings are called 'humans' that you see."
I thought for a moment, "So then are they food?"
Mama laughed out loud "Don't be so rude!"
She hailed them and walked up, bold as you please,
Not me! I was half scared and had knocking knees.
They talked together in an odd sounding way
(The tongue, Common-called, I dislike to this day.)
After chattering a bit mama hurried back
Her eyes were glazed, her jaw a bit slack.
Her look so upset me I started to cry,
"Hush," she said, "Now home we must fly!"
So quick and soft, through the forest we ran
Mama urging me to go as fast as we can.
We heard shouts and screams in the woods we ran past
And urging me more we ran faster than fast.
A long span had passed ere we got to our prowl
But a column of black smoke told of actions most foul.
We slowed in caution and hid in the brush
My breath coming hard, mama whispered "Hush!"
Our prowl was in ruins, I mewled in dismay,
A sight I won't forget to this very day.
Large dark brutes, evil forces, huge, overpow'ring
Destroying our home, like beasts devouring.
Mobius' Sentinels they were, bent on destruction
The first ever seen, a horrific induction.
We ran from there fast, away from our home
And for a great long time did nothing but roam.
We finally discovered a band of our kind
But hidden and subtle and very hard to find.
A beaten-down culture, a once-proud race
Waiting silently in shadows 'til the right time and place.
So on that day, that far one of yore,
I learned of new races, of hatred and war.
But listen what I say, Thoom, Zo, Sylvan, Men,
We are not vanquished, The People will rise again!
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Re: Semi-Epic Poem

Post by Dandelion » Mon Apr 25, 2005 11:58 am

Odesseus wrote: We are not vanquished, The People will rise again!

Bravo, Odes.

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Post by Kani » Mon Apr 25, 2005 9:39 pm

A nice piece of work, Odes. I think it's about time we put our own Sentinel to "sleep."
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Post by HWC Sareth » Fri Apr 29, 2005 7:36 am

Well done Odes. I like.
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