Random post: Floating Point Multiplication & Scottish VR Game

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Random post: Floating Point Multiplication & Scottish VR Game

Post by Starsword » Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:40 pm

: P

sum exponents (after subtracting 127 b10 )
XOR sign bit
Multiply significant aka mantissa

cry in your sleep.

Oddly for my senior project, my team member thought that an Oculus VR mini-golf game in Unity was a good idea. Well at least I'm getting +exp to Unity, C#, and OpenVR. Suggested Unreal and C++, but got :? from my team-mates. My idea was to use OpenCV in order to use hand-waves or eye-movement to control everyday I/O (got 1 vote, too scary of a project?).

A few weeks in, and I can manipulate a physics object via an X-box controller and/or mouse and keyboard, build my own TRON environment while avoiding being shot in the back by a digitizing laser. Good times. Btw, PhysX, Unity's built in physics engine is awful: clip-o-rama.

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